Kom godt i hus med den gode konfirmationsmad

This year’s celebration is approaching fast step as soon as the calendar says spring. It’s great, and a good day surely it.

Are you not quite sure which konfirmationsmad you want to serve? So do not start to get stressful, for you still have time to decide! Inspiration is always good, and I will give you a really good suggestions on what to serve for the main course – which will get your guests and mouth-watering.

Book pig roast

Is there anything that can get everyone’s mouth-watering, so it’s a good roast suckling pig. It is tasteful, it’s delicious, it’s simply just good. Getting served a piglet that has been allowed to cook all day, can something get one’s teeth to watering.

Do not usually like to get a schnitzel, do not let your decision be influenced by this. For at a pig roast you get something quite delicious meat; it is more tender than any other meat you have had before. The taste you should not mistake; it sits right in the closet. Although it may look like much meat, do not underestimate your guests’ hunger for good meat; there will not be much left to residues second day.


Accessories for roast suckling pig

Obviously, you can not settle for simply serve a roast suckling pig as konfirmationsmad. A good pig goes hand in hand with creamed potatoes, spiced, fresh mixed salad (preferably with pasta) and homemade bread. It is simply just a good menu, which you can not get enough of; and that one can not have too much of! Sea like a little feta, olives, sundried tomatoes and peanuts in bowls next to which people can add to the salad – it goes you never quite wrong with.

Get someone who knows how to make roast suckling pig to make it for you – it simply can well cost a little more than usual as you put it over to frying early, as it should be eaten mid-afternoon. However, it can easily be done!

Would you like to have a little bit of inspiration to some good salads or other, you can visit this site which abounds with good suggestions for good konfirmationsmad!

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