Muffins der kan anbefales

Muffins – or cupcakes as they also popularly known, is a delicious gloat that one more than welcome to indulge yourself once in a while. But when it is said, so you must then go all in, once you have decided to tuck one muffins in them.


Serenity Cupcakes

Therefore, I have visited one of the places that I eventually heard a lot about. The place is called very surprising Serenity Cupcakes, and is located Grønnegade. One thing is certain – there is something they do well, then it is that they have gone wholeheartedly into the project.

When you enter over the threshold we meet as the first a pleasant and appetizing scent. When the nose has been well-treated, the eyes turn: at the counter, there are several cupcakes or muffins  than the eye can reach that record in an instant. In other words, Serenity Cupcakes keep all the cozy, personal and feminine. It is a place for girlfriend fun!


pleasant decor

When and smell the sense of sight has been satisfied, the next to be springs to mind the cozy ambiance and decor. For the place looks more like a cozy living room that you want to be seated in the next several hours.

If you take the time (which I personally think you should), your coffee and cupcake served in beautiful porcelain from Royal Copenhagen which put a beautiful finishing touch. Can not give you time, but you still feel like a cupcake, you will not be cheated – for ordering you to go, you get your cupcake in the finest white box, which completes the experience to perfection.

Take your time – there are plenty to choose from. But go in there, because you will definitely return again.

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