Sådan får du god søvn hver nat

We have all experienced what happens when you get a bad night’s sleep. It is punch-drunk, irritable, and so there is a tendency for eating unhealthy, due to a lack of healthy hormones which are formed during sleep. There is a long list of dangerous side effects by getting a poor night’s sleep. I will try to summarize how you can ensure you a good night’s sleep every night, including

Movement and relaxation

Research has shown that it can help with sleep problems, if you stick active and exercise on a weekly basis. If you exercise regularly, it helps not only on the quality of sleep , but it also helps to get up in the morning.

But it is also important to time your workout: If possible, it’s a good idea to get trained in the morning. If it’s as strength training, running or just half an hour fast walk, so it helps everything. The best time to train at least six hours before bedtime.

It can also help to limit the amount of coffee to consume and when to consume it. We all get a few cups of coffee for late at night, resulting in a long night where you stare at the ceiling. Coffee can be in the body between 8-14 hours after you have consumed it.

Make sleep a routine

It can often be a good idea to prepare your sleep. You must have a routine where you one hour before bedtime begin to relax and unwind. It can often be a good idea to turn off electronics when lighting may interfere with your internal day / night cycle. Try to read a book for an hour before bedtime. The light from the screens can keep your brain in ‘on’ status instead of off. These three tips will hopefully help in your sleep, so give them a try!

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