Støttestrømper og kompressionsstrømper, hvad er forskellen?

Support stockings, compression stockings, sport socks, refund socks. This special stocking has many names. The two best known are støttestrømpen and compression stocking, but can they the same? It must be this post trying to map.

Specialstrømpen used by more and more people. It may be disease related reasons or to enhance comfort, convenience or presentation ability in everyday life.

Common to both compression and support stockings is that they have a positive effect on the body’s cardiac cycle.

This effect is created by strømpernes pressure on leg muscles and blood vessels and the removal of excess fluid. This liquid is just a downward effect on the blood vessels.

In the following we will look at an overview and relevant explanation of the two different compression stockings.


With or without medical documented effect

Support stockings are not medically tested and proven for their effectiveness, therefore one can not be certain how much they will affect the circuit. Despite this fact, support stockings a positive impact on the circulation in the legs.

Compression stockings can typically have names such as travel socks, flystrømper or sport socks.

Compression stocking on the other hand, is the term for the special socks, where the effect is clinically tested and proven. Man has divided compression stockings in compression classes from 1-4, as measured by their impact. First class gives minimum or superficial effect. Thus you can choose the sock that fits your needs.

This entry was difference determined, and post will hopefully serve as a quick guide to varicose veins. Are you still in doubt about the sock to choose, contact your doctor.

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