Tab dig med 16/8 faste metoden

Many have often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I have even written it in a previous article. But for most, it is very important to get eaten right from the early morning so they can get properly started the day. In this article I will present an alternative weight loss method , which I practice on a trial basis at the moment.

In this article I will introduce the possibility of skipping breakfast and maybe other meals. Read on below.


Is breakfast the most important meal?

What I will present is perhaps best described as a dietary pattern than a pure diet. It is about making conscious that we skip some meals. The way most often will be used is that you do not eat in a 16 hour window, then eating all the day’s calories in the next 8 hours.

As an example, you may only eat from lunch until. 20. Since you skipped a meal, then you eat more for your other meals. But as always with weight loss, then you should still eat less than your body burns in a day to lose weight.


Eight hours for dining

When you eat a meal, so use your body a few hours to digest food, and use the energy you have eaten. Because it is easy to draw energy from, so your body will use that energy, mostly in the form of carbohydrates or sugar. But when you have been fasting for a long time, so there is a greater chance that your body will start to use the fat stored in your body instead of sugar in the blood. The same principle applies if you exercise while you are in this ‘solid-state’ .

To learn more about the details, try Google why it works. I have personally seen the results of the method, although it requires getting used to not eating breakfast. Try your speed with what works for you.


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