Få påskefrokost ud af huset til hele familien

Many associate Easter with quality time with the family, just like Christmas. It is often here to gather with the whole family for a great Easter, which means lots of delicious food.

But even if the Easter can be a really nice event, it can also be a lot of work to have to put together an Easter because often many people are gathered.

In some families delegate the work so that you have different dishes each. Nevertheless, it can also be really nice just to sit at table sometimes, without having to worry about doing anything.

More time to enjoy

An Easter is not only itself to cook, it’s also about putting together a menu, shopping for the many different dishes, make preparations and then cook them. It is not straightforward to stack the legs. So if you really would like to have more time to socialize and thus more quality time with family, Jesper Torvekøkken certainly help you.

Jesper Torvekøkken is the oldest lunch supplier with a full 25 years of experience, which makes them a very good bet for a madleverandør for your Easter.

Jesper Torvekøkken has plenty of experience formulating buffets and menus for large companies, including Easter lunches. In addition, they go very interested in making honest and glorious food, which means that the raw material is the essence of quality. Jesper Torvekøkken user therefore always fresh seasonal ingredients and sustainable produce. So with a delicious Easter lunch from Jesper Torvekøkken you can also have the conscience of the pure. The user also quality products, which means that, for example, instead of using the light products, containing a lot of hidden sugar using appropriate raw materials, which might mean that there are slightly more fat, but the quality is so much better.

This will give you all both a really delicious Easter lunch while you can take your time to be with your family and enjoy their company. You will have all the planning and cooking why you probably will be more relaxed and better able to enjoy the day with family.


Try something new for Easter

We Danes are very devoted to traditions and is also pronounced habit people, why, for many can be hard to let go of tradition and try something new.

With Jesper Torvekøkken you are however in very good hands if you want to try something new. They provide for a traditional Easter lunch with a twist consisting of familiar and traditional Easter dishes and innovative dishes. All their food developed also with love, why you are assured of a high quality and a really delicious Easter, which will be delivered to your door.

It is also possible to order food to all kinds of other events where you would need for catering. It could for example be a wedding, a big birthday, a desk or the like. Whatever the purpose may Jesper Torvekøkken certainly put together a good menu for the occasion.