Gode måder at booste dit immunforsvar på

Would you like to boost your immune system? Then you start to focus on what you eat and how your stomach it. The majority of your immune system starts in the stomach, so what you eat and your mavebakteriers balance is important in this context.

Try to eat fruits and vegetables. It may be, for example,  blueberry , apple, papaya, ariskokker, beets and spinach.

Spices are also a good idea if you want to boost your immune system. Garlic is good for the immune system, and has long been used as a medicine worldwide. You can also use ginger. It can be used in food, but you can also brew a delicious ginger and honey tea. It is especially good if you are already ill and want to get rid of a stuffy nose or cold.


Exercise and berries

Exercise, exercise and more exercise. Not only can you lose a few excess kilos, but you can also help your immune system by getting rid of toxins and increase circulation. Exercise has been shown to initiate sound changes in a DNA visual intensity.

If you want of poisons, the berries just the right way to go. The stop will often be filled with anti-oxidants, which helps in maintaining a healthy liver. You can eat both strawberries, blueberries and boysenberries. If you lack vitamin C, so it may help to eat oranges, they have plenty of vitamin C, which can help the immune system.


Healthy food = healthy immune system

Your immune system can often be evaluated against the physically active, and you fill your body with. If you eat lean meat, vegetables and fruit, then your immune system is probably in excellent condition. If you exercise on top, so it can hardly be better. Just try to eat more food that is as close to its natural state as possible, to avoid too many additives. Eat plenty of fruits, nuts and vegetables, then you should probably make it through the next  flu season .