Grunde til du burde squatte hver dag

Squats are a part of all athletes and bodybuilders training program. It is often called the king of exercises, since it involves most of the body.

The advantage of squats will often be the strength, power, flexibility and balance, which is reason enough that you should squats every day. In addition, there are many variations of squats, so you need not make the same every day – it would not want to be boring.

squats image

Squat, squats and more squats

If you go and want tightened up in the thighs and buttocks, then squats the perfect exercise for you. This exercise gives strength and definition, since it uses both thighs and buttocks to stabilize when doing the exercise. In addition, so stimulates squats muscle-building hormones, which strengthens the entire body.

Squats using own body weight will be sufficient for many, but if you like, try to do squats with weights to put the combustion top notch.

squats with weights

If you squatter correctly so that you can improve your flexibility, which can alleviate back and knee pain. Squats without too heavy weights will be a sure way to increase the mobility of your joints, without creating unnecessary risk of injury.

improved posture

When squatter with or without weights, then you train your upper back, which is used to stabilize the body through exercise. If you increase the strength of these muscles so you get a better posture, which can also alleviate back pain.

If you have good ideas and suggestions for the best squat exercises, try normal squat, squat with weight, single leg squat- and stop squat. These exercises will be a good start for a beginner who wants to start. You can do the exercises at home, so there is no reason to delay. You could start right now, if you wanted.

You can also work with on this 8-minute squat challenge: